Basic Customer Questions:
Where are you calling from?
What are you making?
How are you going to use the veneer?

Basic Veneer Questions:
What wood species do you want?
What veneer cut do you want?
If you are requesting plain sliced veneer, will you accept half
round and plain sliced production together?
If you are requesting plain sliced veneer, what percentage of
crown bundles are you expecting?
Do you want to buy veneer priced per individual flitch or
priced per graded pallet?

Veneer Specifications:
What are your length and width requirements?
How many square feet of veneer do you need?
What are your thickness requirements?

Veneer Color and Figure Requirements:
Do you have any color restrictions?
Do you want figured or non–figured veneer?
If figured, which type of natural figure do you want?
If figured, do you want heavy, medium, or light figure?
How many natural characteristics will you accept?
Are open defects allowable?

Packaging Requirements:
Do you want clipped and bundled veneer stock or unclipped
(flitch stock) veneer?
If you want clipped veneer, do you require a measurement list
and tally by bundle?
How many sheets of veneer per bundle are you expecting?
How are the veneers to be crated?  Unitized or palletized?

Additional Considerations:
Is the veneer being consumed or exported?  If it is to be
exported, do you need a certificate of origin?
Are you aware of woods such as mansonia, afromosia, Santos
rosewood, makore, etc. that may present health concerns (dermatitis,
breathing irritant, etc.)?
Can you send digital photos or samples of the look that you