Public Policy


On July 16th EPA granted a comment extension request until August 23rd for Boiler MACT, the area source Boiler GACT rule, and the Commercial, Industrial Solid Waste Incinerator rules in response to our industry request for 90 days additional time. There will be no extension for the Non-Hazardous Secondary Material rule from the Office of Solid Waste. This is consistent with our recommendation to EPA that they should proceed first with the rule that defines solid waste before deciding what the emission standards should be for industrial boilers compared to waste incinerators. Any additional time will be helpful in strengthening AWC’s comments as well as implementing our advocacy campaign.

HPVA's Public Policy

HPVA is the only national trade association devoted to representing only the North American manufacturers of hardwood veneer and engineered hardwood products. The 2010 HPVA Strategic Plan sets out specific public policy issues that are the focus of the industry’s public policy program. HPVA is also a member of the Hardwood Federation which is a consortium of hardwood associations that represent the lumber, flooring, and regional associations. The plan’s goal and objectives are:

GOAL 4: Through advocacy, public policies are in place for adequate raw material supplies, efficient and competitive manufacturing, marketing promotion and fair trade of the products of our North American based industry

Objective 1: Focus on priority public policy legislative issues impacting the inputs for our North American operations.
Task: CARB performance based regulation is a national standard enforceable to all producers in the US market.       
Task: Sustainable raw material supply to meet the needs of growing the hardwood plywood and veneer industry in North America.
Task: Adequate funding for export promotion of hardwood products.
Task: Lacey Act provisions on illegal logging are not repealed.
Task: Green Building codes and government environmental purchase preference    programs recognize wood as “green” and sustainable.
Task: Fair and free trade of US hardwood products.  

Objective 2: Regulations are protective of public health and the environment and uniformly enforced on both domestic and international product producers and their products.
Task: EPA MACT standard
Task: CARB rule
Task: EPA formaldehyde rule.
Task: CA and NIST weights and measures

Objective 3: International trade of our members’ products moves freely and without unfair practices in violation of U.S. and WTO legal restrictions.
Task: Section 332 investigation by the U.S. on tariffs, non-tariff trade barriers, currency manipulations, and other trade restrictions – on-going.
Task: Illegal Logging Act inclusion into the Lacey Act and its full implementation - on-going.