Fire Testing

HPVA Fire Testing

The laboratory fire testing capability is based on ASTM test standards. Our specialized testing services include general flammability, smoke, gas analysis, and rate of heat release. Products tested include (but are not limited to) wood, paper, plastics, metal, textiles, masonry, and composite materials. HPVA’s technical staff participates in ASTM standards committees E-05 on Fire Standards, with representation on various subcommittees including E05.22 Surface Burning (E 84 Tunnel, E 162 Radiant Panel, E 648 Flooring Radiant Panel) and E 05.21 Smoke and Combustion Products. Other ASTM Committee participation includes D 22 (Air Quality), D 22.05 (Indoor Air), E 06 on Performance of Buildings, and D 07 on Wood.

Flame Spread and Smoke Testing
25-Foot Tunnel Furnace
ASTM E 662
ASTM F 814
Smoke Density Chamber
ASTM E 648
Flooring Radiant Panel
FAR 25.853
Vertical Flammability
Rate of Heat Release
(ASTM E 906)
ASTM E 162
ASTM D 3675
Radiant Panel
FMVSS / DOT No.302
Motor Vehicle Safety and Department of Transportation Flammability Testing