U.S. Companies Halt Tainted Flooring

A new report outlines the massive illegal timber trade between Papau New Guinea and China and how that illegally-sourced timber ends up in the U.S. market. Several U.S. companies, including Home Legend, have already stopped selling PNG timber. The supply chain is similar to the Russia-China oak trade with parallels to the Lumber Liquidators investigation. Large volumes of illegally-sourced taun wood and more are shipped from PNG to China to be made into flooring, much of which is then shipped to the U.S. Other illegally-sourced PNG timber, particularly lauan, is commonly used as face veneer for plywood, cabinets, and furniture.

Source: Global Witness, August 1, 2017, scroll down for infographic; HPVA®. Related stories: EIA presentation at HPVA® Annual Meeting, Howlett blog published by China.

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