HPVA Laboratories® Files With EPA

HPVA Laboratories® joined several trade associations and TPCs in filing clarification requests with the EPA to determine whether CARB-certified producers can label products as EPA-compliant. Seeking to reduce the regulatory burden, HPVA Laboratories® is also asking to allow the use of a TPC’s D6007 small chamber for quality control tests without redundant correlations if the TPC testing has proven equivalence to E1333, and to allow flexibility in the correlation R-value required for very low emitting products, such as hardwood plywood using NAF and ULEF resins.

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Formaldehyde Emission Standards for Composite Wood Products – Quality control method test correlation utilizing ASTM D6007241.16 KB
Equivalency and Correlation Testing Requirements115.46 KB
770.20(d) and 770.15(c)(1)(v) Equivalence_vs_Correlation.pdf864.19 KB
770.20(d)(2)(ii) r-value language EPA.pdf664.59 KB
770.45_LabelingAlternateName.pdf433.06 KB