HPVA Laboratories® Certifies American OEM Wood Floors

HPVA Laboratories®, an ISO/IEC 17065 accredited product certification agency, has awarded ANSI/HPVA EF Engineered Wood Flooring certification to the American OEM Wood Floors plant in Only, TN. American OEM demonstrated its commitment to quality control by showing that its flooring products comply with the rigorous requirements of the ANSI/HPVA EF 2012 standard.

“Participating in the engineered wood flooring certification program allows us to clearly define how we meet customer expectations. At American OEM, we employ rigid production and process controls to ensure we are consistently manufacturing the highest quality products, ones that are certified to American National Standards. HPVA Laboratories performs ongoing in-mill audits and third-party testing to independently verify our compliance with all aspects of the standard. This provides our customers with absolute confidence in their purchasing decision.”
Don Finkell, CEO
American OEM

See American OEM’s certification certificate below.

American OEM EF Certification Certificate460.87 KB