HPVA February Newsletter

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Make your plans now to come to Hilton Head S.C. for HPVA’s Annual Spring Meeting on May 6-8!

If any of these questions are important to you and your business success, then you need to be there!

  • Where’s the economy headed?
  • How can I get more from my sales force?
  • What do the new LEED requirements mean for American hardwoods?
  • How can life cycle assessments and environmental product declarations give me a market advantage?
  • What are the market trends in our export markets?
  • After Gibson guitar, what do I need to know about the Lacey Act?
  • Will antidumping and countervailing duties impact the steady increase of Chinese imports?
  • What are the market trends in our domestic markets?
  • As a supplier, what do the manufacturers need from me?
  • As a distributor, how can I get my customers to specify for more value?
  • Is EPA going to run me out of business with MACT and formaldehyde regulations?

  • Here’s the lineup of the folks who are going to provide some insights and answers:

  • David Crowe, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist for the National Association of Homebuilders
  • Richard Farrell, President of Tangent Knowledge Systems, author -upcoming book "Selling has Nothing to do with Selling"
  • Brendan Owens, Vice President, U.S. Green Building Council Vice President of LEED® technical development
  • Tom Reardon, Executive Director, Business Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association
  • Mike Snow, Executive Director, American Hardwood Export Council
  • Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice (invited)
  • Jeff Levin, counsel to the Coalition for American Hardwood Parity
  • A panel of cabinet, furniture, woodworking, interior design and architect experts
  • A panel of the buyers of the leading engineered hardwood manufacturers – plywood and flooring
  • Brian Sause and Kip Howlett, HPVA staff
  • There’s also some great golf, good fishing, and just plain relaxation on the beach or around the pool!
    Plus 2 receptions, 2 luncheons, and 2 breakfasts to network!

    GO FOR IT!

    www.hpva.org to register.