Boiler MACT Coalition Support Letter

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United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator:

We write to urge you to support Amendment No. 1660, offered by Senator Collins (R-ME), that would include the language of The EPA Regulatory Relief Act of 2011 in the Senate transportation bill (S. 1813). The bipartisan EPA Regulatory Relief Act, otherwise known as the Boiler MACT legislation, is critical to preserving jobs in many manufacturing and other essential industries.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recently revised rules still need more work to be achievable and affordable for manufacturers and other businesses across America. The overall capital cost of the Boiler MACT rule remains over $14 billion for manufacturers, small electricity generators, and other boiler operators, jeopardizing over 200,000 critically needed jobs. In addition, the January 9, 2012 court decision overturning the EPA’s stay of the March 2011 rules is yet another example of the continuing morass of uncertainty surrounding these rules. Due to the complexities surrounding the regulations, businesses will simply be unable to comply with the rules in the three-year time frame.

The Collins EPA Regulatory Relief Act amendment would stay the current rules, provide the agency with more time to develop a new proposal but require the rules to be finalized in 15 months, extend the compliance time frame from three to five years, and clarify that certain non-hazardous materials should be listed as fuels.

Manufacturers, small electricity generators, and other boiler operators are running out of time. Passage of this amendment is the best way to provide businesses with the certainty they need to preserve and protect high-paying jobs in this tough economy. We urge you to support the Collins amendment.


The Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC
American Chemistry Council
American Coke & Coal Chemicals Institute
American Crystal Sugar Company
American Foundry Society
American Municipal Power, Inc.
American Petroleum Institute
American Sugar Alliance
American Sugar Cane League
American Wood Council
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