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In the modern world of the hardwood plywood industry, formaldehyde emmissions are on the center stage. With the California Air Resource Board (CARB) putting restrictions into effect and the drive to make similar rules into federal laws, manufacturers have had to change the way they adhere their products like never before. The hardwood plywood emission requirements are the lowest of any of the regulated composite wood panel products. The HPVA was one of the first organizations to make a standard for formaldehyde emmissions. The HPVA Laboratory has been conducting formaldehyde testing for decades. The HPVA was one of the first Third Party Certification Agencies (TPC) in the country for the CARB rule, recognized by the State of California. As of October, 2009, the HPVA has certified over 30 mills in North America while having many others in the queue.

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Fire Safety

Flame Spread Performance of Wood Products


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