International Trade

Biggest global economic development this year II

Southeast Asian leaders recently declared the establishment by year-end of an EU-style regional economic bloc, but diplomats admitted it will be years before the vision of a single market can be realized. At the group’s annual summit, held this year in Kuala Lumpur, the heads of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) signed a declaration that the bloc hailed as “a milestone in the integration process.” The 10 leaders then put an aural exclamation mark on the agreement by banging once in unison on a traditional drum from each of their nations.

China JCCT opens with non-existent expectations

The United States pushed China for greater market access at annual trade talks in China recently, though few breakthroughs are expected amid tensions over cyber hacking and rules that could hamper foreign tech firms. Those issues, and slow progress on a bilateral investment treaty (BIT), have combined to sour commercial relations, and experts think the meeting of the Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT) that ended last week in Guangzhou will do little to alleviate the mood.

Demographics is destiny

Next year, the world’s advanced economies will reach a critical milestone. For the first time since 1950, their combined working-age population will decline, according to United Nations projections, and by 2050 it will shrink 5%. The ranks of workers will also fall in key emerging markets, such as China and Russia. At the same time the share of these countries’ population over 65 will skyrocket.

South Korea to set Antidumping Duties on Malaysian Plywood

South Korea has imposed preliminary antidumping duties on Malaysian plywood imports. The South Korean Trade Commission (KTC) opened a dumping investigation after receiving a petition from the Korean Wood Panel Association that some plywood manufacturers in Malaysia are selling their products below the production cost and so hurting local South Korean plywood manufacturers. The plywood market in South Korea valued at US$584 million in 2009.

Imposed duties range from 5.11% to 33.81% on plywood imports from Malaysia. These preliminary antidumping duties are in effect until a formal ruling is made within the next 5 months. Some Malaysian plywood manufacturers expressed the fear that the Japanese government may follow the South Korean example and impose antidumping duties on Malaysian plywood.

Decision on Antidumping Duties Postponed

In July, 2010, South Korea announced that a decision had been taken to impose antidumping duties on Malaysian plywood imports. However, on 2 August 2010, the Ministry of Finance and Strategy of the Republic of Korea announced a postponement of this decision until the South Korean Trade Commission in Malaysia has finalised its investigation. The final decision and a formal ruling will be made within the next 5 months.

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